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Dr. Vishal Jain

Dr. Vishal Jain | Redstone Smiles Dental | General and Family Dentist | NE Calgary

Dr. Vishal Jain


Meet Dr. Vishal Jain

Born and raised in northern India, Dr. Jain struggled through high school classes, thinking he was a failure throughout. Despite his struggle, he fought his way through, persevered, and graduated. Realizing that he needed to change his attitude, work hard, and find a purpose, Dr. Jain turned his life around and applied to dental school. The more he learned about dentistry and how it changed patients’ lives for the better, the more he fell in love with it. Dr. Jain became a self-proclaimed committed and focused dental ‘geek,’ always hungry to learn more! And nothing has changed today. Scoring a place in the Endodontics graduate program, Dr. Jain was fortunate enough to work under his mentor Dr. Sunita Guarch, who helped him become the compassionate and innovative endodontist that he is today. Dr. Jain established his practice in 2010, teaching budding dentists the skill of his art, which he continued until 2019. Dr. Jain moved to Alberta in 2019 as a licensed general dentist.

In his new home in Calgary, Dr. Jain has continued to be committed to the practice of dentistry and all the patients he treats. Slowly but surely, Dr. Jain admits that he is turning into a real Albertan, learning ice skating with his 10-year-old son. Since he began practicing dentistry in Canada, the most job satisfaction has come from being able to save his patients’ precious teeth and bringing pain relief and function through his skills and years of experience in endodontics. Dr. Jain has come a long way from a struggling high school student until now, and though he still believes he still has a long way to go, he is committed to always helping his patients on their road to optimal oral health.

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